Atitlan Living Contributor Guidelines

Who am I?

My name is Leif Harum, and I’m the creator and editor of I’m also the creator of the popular travel blog,

Like most of us here, when I first came to Lake Atitlan in late 2013, I immediately fell in love. I adored its quaint towns, the local Maya, its eccentric expats, and everything in between.

However, during the research stage of my first trip here, and even after arriving, I realized there was serious lack of information on the Lake. And so I decided to start this blog, Atitlan Living.

What Is Atitlan Living?

As its name suggests, this blog is about life around the lake. It’s about connecting long term expats and short term visitors. And ultimately it’s about sharing our love for this incredible place.

On Atitlan Living, you’ll find independent guides that range the gamut from where to eat to the most popular adventures. You’ll also find information on everything from local news & events to classified listings.

Who Can Contribute?

Although anyone can contribute a single post to Atitlan Living, we prefer contributors that can agree to sign on for at least 5 articles over the course of 5 weeks. In particular, we’re looking for resident-based experts in San Pedro, San Marcos, Jaibalito, Santa Cruz, Panajachel, & Santa Catarina/San Antonio.

However, any expats or locals with extensive knowledge of the Lake and a strong command of English or Spanish are welcome to contribute.

Types Of Posts We’re interested In

  • How To Guides
  • Top Ten Lists
  • Safety & Health
  • Spirituality
  • Independent hotel, hostel & restaurant reviews
  • Expat interviews
  • Parties & Events
  • Latest humanitarian activities from any one of the non profits around the lake
  • Latest news in general
  • Poetry & Art on the Lake
  • Photo Essays on anything concerning the lake
  • Any article that fits in any one of our categories (if there’s a category that you feel should be added, please let us know!)

We’ll Pay You 100Q For Guides On The Titles Listed Below

If you feel there’s an essential guide that needs to be on Atitlan Living, let us know!

  • How To Volunteer On Lake Atitlan
  • Easiest Way To Extend You Guatemalan Visa From Lake Atitlan
  • Top 10 Things To Do In San Marcos
  • Top 10 Things To Do In San Pedro
  • How To Rent An Apartment In Pana/San Marcos/San Pedro
  • Doctors, Dentists & Health Care in Panajachel / Solola
  • A Day At The Nature Reserve In Panajachel
  • How To Get From Lake Atitlan To Antigua Guatemala
  • How To Get From Antigua To Lake Atitlan Guatemala
  • The Truth About The Water Quality Of Lake Atitlan
  • How To Get From Lake Atitlan To San Cristobal (or vice versa)
  • Taking a helicopter from Guatemala City Airport to Lake Atitlan

Post Guidelines

  • Posts should be no less than 400 words (Unless a photo essay or poetry submission)
  • We encourage at least 2 high quality photos per post
  • You are welcome to include as many as 3 relevant links per post
  • All posts should be informative & unique

Submitting Your Post

Please send all post submissions to After a review of your post by one of our editors, it will then be published soon thereafter.

For continuing contributors, you will have access to your own account on Atitlan Living, allowing you to save new posts to draft directly into WordPress.

Post Payment

For long term contributors or for contributors of 5 or more posts, we offer 100 Quetzales per post. Payments are made when you when your account reaches 500Q. Payment can be made through paypal, direct deposit, or western union. Please let us know your preferred method of payment.

Posting To The Events Section

We are always looking for contributors to help keep our events page informative and up to date. If you’re interested in contributing, please get in touch and we’ll make an account for you so you can easily add new events.