Atitlan Living Guest Post Guidelines

Atitlan Living is currently accepting guest posts from writers with extensive first hand knowledge of Lake Atitlan and greater Guatemala.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to Atitlan Living please read our guidelines below before you send your submission.

Brief Overview

  1. Articles should present quality advice based on first-hand experiences.

  2. Articles should be unique and not a republication of an existing blog post.

  3. Articles must contain a headline, body text, author byline, and at least one image.

  4. Articles should not infringe upon copyright laws, in regard to either text or images.


Atitlan Living strives to be both entertaining and informative for backpackers, holiday makers, expats and anyone interested in traveling to Atitlan and Guatemala. Articles that work best on Atitlan Living are those that integrate personal experience with enlightening insight.

We are currently interested in (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Review Posts. i.e/Hotel, Restaurant, Tour reviews
  • Adventure Posts. i.e/Climbing San Pedro, Tubing Semuc Champey
  • List Style Posts. i.e/Top 10 Things To Do, Top 5 Places To Eat
  • “How To” Posts. i.e/ How To Pack, How To Get From…To, How To Extend Your Visa
  • Photo Essays. i.e/The People, The Nature, The Stray Dogs

Please review the headings in the navigation bar above to determine which category your post might fit into. Please also ensure that your article does not cover a topic that has previously been covered.

Text Formatting

For Single Submissions

If you have your own WordPress blog, our preference is that you draft the post there, and email us the HTML code which ensures your preferred formatting will remain intact, photos will be captioned, etc.

If you do not have access to WordPress, your article can be sent in Microsoft Word, via Google Document, or in plain text.

For official Authors 

Please enter your text and images directly into a new post. Be sure to save your draft for reviewal. Do not publish your draft.

Text Length & Image Specifications

Your article should ideally range between 500-1000 words. However this is a rough guideline. Please use as many words as necessary to convey your story.

You should provide at least 2 images with your article but more images are of course welcome.

You should include one featured image cropped to 300px by 225 px.

You should also include one in text image cropped to 545px by 409px.

  • You can provide as many in text images as you would like.
  • In text images should contain relevant caption.

Contact Us

Please send article submissions to