Panajachel Travel Guide


The Big Little Expat City

At A Glance

Official Name: Panajachel

Name Meaning: ???

Population: 13,000

Expat Population: 1000-2000

Notable Hotels: Playa Linda, Primavera

Language(s):  Kaqchickel, Spanish

English Speakers: Low

Currency: Guatemalan Quetzale (“Q”)

Lake Atitlan Map


Panajachel, or Pana for short, is considered the central hub of Lake Atitlan.

located in the north east corner of Lake Atitlan. Unlike most towns, Pana is connected to Solola and thus Antigua through a well maintained road. As a result, Pana is one of the biggest towns with a population of around 15,000 people.

How To Get To Panajachel

The primary means by which most travelers arrive to Panajachel

Panjachel is lake Atitlan’s primary transportation hub.

How To Get To Other Towns Around Lake Atitlan

Getting Around Panajachel

By Foot

By Tuk Tuk

By Pickup Truck

Where To Eat & Drink In Panajachel

Panajachel is arguably Lake Atitlan’s

Where To Stay In Panajachel


Unfortunately Panajachel doesn’t have any true backpacker hostels at the moment. Fortunately for broke backpackers, there are plenty of budget hotels to choose from.

Budget Hotels

Panajachel is full of small, what you pay what you get, 50Q/night budget hotels. See our

Mid-Range Hotels


Long term rentals


What To See & Do In Panajachel

Pana has many activities

Why Visit Panajachel?