An Introduction To San Marcos La Laguna

1526663_10202713815235458_723395998_nOne of my favorite weekend activities while living on the lake was heading over to San Marcos for some indulgence and self love. San Marcos is famous for its large population of yogi expats who have settled down on the shores of Atitlan, which many claim to be one of the most spiritual places in the world. Whether you’re spending a day or a week or a month in San Marcos, you can always find a new way to connect your mind and body and open your heart.

Welcome to San Marcos La Laguna, the land of food, yoga, and meditation.


San Marcos is full of international restaurants. Almost all of the restaurants in town are around the 40Q-80Q ($5-$10) price range. Blind Lemon, Moonfish, and Cafe La Fe offer delicious American and European plates. Comedor Susy, which can be found on the main road near the soccer stadium, is a more typical Guatemalan kitchen where you can find meals for around 30Q ($4).

People in San Marcos definitely enjoy their food, so whichever restaurant you happen to stumble upon, you are sure to be served a delightful meal.

Yoga and Meditation

There are a handful of small yoga studios around San Marcos. Kaivalya is probably the most popular yoga studio; it offers morning and evening yoga and meditation classes for 25Q-35Q per class. Hostal La Paz and the Laboritorio de Suenos also offer daily classes for the same rates. Check out the posters put up around town for information about class schedules and locations.


Exploring Nature

San Marcos is the optimal location for connecting with nature. If you head to the west side of town, you’ll find a nature reserve with exotic animals, great hiking trails, and a balcony that you can jump off of into the lake (or just stand on, if that’s more to your liking). It is quiet and tranquil all hours of the day and night, making it the perfect place to escape and meditate, write, read, and spend some quality time enjoying the outdoors.

the jump in san marcos lake atitlan

Final Remarks

However you choose to utilize your time in San Marcos, be prepared to relax and let your stresses wash away into Lake Atitlan. But be careful…you may never want to leave.image

Author’s pick: if you’re feeling especially adventurous, follow the footpaths leading up into the valley. Continue on past the cornfields, following the flowers painted on the rocks at your feet. After about 30 minutes you will encounter the Yoga Forest – the most magical place in Atitlan. For more information on the Yoga Forest, visit their website at and go to the Top Free Things to do Around the Lake post for more detailed instructions on finding the Yoga Forest.

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