Primavera Hotel: Affordable Luxury In The Heart Of Panajachel

DSC02673Panajachel can be busy, polluted and loud. But with so much to do in Pana, from shopping and dinning out, to the nature reserve, it’s a quintessential part of any Lake Atitlan experience.

Although you could spend hundreds at a luxury hotel in downtown Pana, without a view of the Lake, it’s just not worth it. However there is one high quality hotel in the heart of the city that’s affordable and provides the amenities that westerners are accustomed to.

It’s a hotel with rooms that are luxurious in their simplicity, cleanliness, and comfort. It’s a hotel that boasts a tremendous 5 star restaurant.

This hotel is Primavera Hotel located at the top of Calle Santander.


The moment you enter the room, you are struck by that wonderful fragrance of clean sheets. It’s a nostalgic smell and reminds you of any high-end hotel. It’s what a room should smell like.

In terms of design, the room makes you feel as though you’re in a clutter free version of your own home. Cream white walls beautifully contrast Cyprus doors and tables. There’s everything you need for a comfortable stay and nothing more. You feel a sense of clarity, organization, and cleanliness. It’s the kind of design that Norwegians, Germans, and Japanese would approve.

2nd floor room with view over the street

2nd floor room with view over the street

Practically speaking, the beds are composed of a memory like foam and are very comfortable on the back. The bedding is of the perfect amount and allows for sleep that is neither too hot nor too cold.

The bathrooms are clean and stocked with both hand soap and shampoo. And the shower is one of the highest-powered hot water showers I’ve ever experienced at a hotel on Lake Atitlan.

Standard bathroom, two towels, soap, and shampoo included

Standard bathroom, two towels, soap, and shampoo included

Regarding the internet, every room has access to Wi-Fi. Although it works best outside the rooms, you can still manage to Skype from the comfort of your bed.  As a travel blogger, slow internet would be my only complaint.

Finally, every room contains a small TV with full cable. This includes New York local stations such as NBC 4 and ABC 7 as well as Al Jazerra News, Showtime, IFC, and TV 5 Le Monde, and Deutche Well.

A double

A double

And you get all of this for just 40$/night, the same price as a shoddy American Motel.


Primavera Hotel is equi-distance from just about anything you would want to do in Panajachel. Located at the intersection between Calle Santander and Calle Principal, you can easily head up to the local market for fresh veggies or down to the local port for some kayaking. If you’re in the mood for a pastry and cappuccino, there’s a delicious German bakery next door called Café Kitsche. And if you’re in the mood for fine dining, it’s just steps from your room.

Backpatio dining area

Backpatio dining at Primavera Hotel / Chez Alex

Chez Alex

Chez Alex is located within Primavera Hotel. It’s widely regarded as the finest restaurant in all of Lake Atitlan. They offer everything from Lobster and fresh seafood to prime Rib eye and Fillet Minion. It’s a dining experience that rivals any restaurant in New York City or Paris. For more info on the Chez Alex, Check out  “A 5 Star Restaurant In Downtown Panajachel.”

Refreshing walnut and olive salad

Refreshing walnut and olive salad

The Staff

The reception and everyone who works at both the hotel and restaurant are extremely polite and friendly. Although they primarily speak Spanish and Mayan Ketchikal, if you only speak English, you can always talk to the owner.

The owner is a lovely Norwegian man named Terje. He’s been living around Lake Atitlan for the past 20 years. As a Norwegian, he’s passionate about providing the most comfortable and relaxing experience at both his hotel and restaurant.

The Verdict

Primavera Hotel offers an unbeatable value. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and everything you would expect from a high-end hotel in the Europe or the US. Plus it’s located right in the heart of Panajachel, which gives you a great opportunity to explore the town. And with a 5 star restaurant just downstairs, this is one hotel I can highly recommend.

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